Who is OCCIAN Trade Limited?

Occian trade limited is a registered online trading company, (Digital asset management) Situated in Moscow Capital of Russia. We trade on Forex, Stocks, Oil, cryptos and other derivatives. We also trade for individual clients who want to earn in online trading with profitable returns of Investment.

What are the legal backing of OCCIAN Trade?

We are registered under Russian Jurisdiction, Our operational head is 6578001 Noviy Arbat Street. (8th Floor) Moscow.

Are there any risk in allowing Occian trade to trade for me?

The risk in low, up to 98% risk free. We have team of professionals with many years of trading experience and good capital base. We have Insured funds with all our Brokers in case of any force majeure situations, our investors receives funds back to their wallet.

How can I invest with you, what payment system is acceptable?

You must register with us first, ( On our sign up page ) We accept global payment method such Bitcoin, Lite coin, Card, Etc... You can open bitcoin and lite coin wallet at www.blockchain. com , perfect money at www.perfectmoney.is

After Investing with you, when will I start receiving profit?

Once your deposit is received by us, your profile with OCCIAN TRADE LIMITED will be credited with deposit amount, and trade will commence immediately, after 24 hours, profit will be added to your OCCIAN Trade profile.

What is minimum and maximum investment amount, Duration? and minimum and Maximum withdrawal

The minimum investment amount is $10, no Maximum. The minimum withdrawal Amount is $10, no Maximum. However $10,000 investment minimum withdrawal is $50 . The same condition is applied to 5% referral commission.

Can I reinvest my earning and my referral commission?


How long does it take for deposit and withdrawal to be processed?

Bitcoin, lite coin deposit are process after 3 confirmations and other payment methods are done as soon as we confirmed the deposit. Withdrawals are process within 4 working hours.

Can I withdraw Fund using different processing methods?

No. Same deposit methods must be same withdrawal method.

What are the condition on becoming a representatives?

To become our representative, you must refer up to 3 persons with active deposit up to $200 total. You will earn additional 3 % , have your contact posted on our site, and a dedicated customers support. .

Can I refer myself or have more than one OCCIAN Trade account?

No. Your account may be banned on such action

Is the principle return?

Yes. principle is return at the end of any trading circle. You can as well reinvest it for more trading.

I lost my password, how can I reset it?

Go to login page, click on password reset, a link will be send to you where you can reset your password with new one..

I can not access my account, what should I do?

Make you sure you type the correct login details and captcha keys, If such situation pessist, contact our support team.